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Kettering Comic-Con

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kettering comic con

The first ever Kettering Comic-Con is coming up on 11th and 12th February 2017, and I’ll be taking my artwork along as 3D Fantasy Art. It looks set to be a blinder of a weekend – more details below and at the link here. Come along if you’re in the area!

Special Guests:

Chris Rankin – Harry Potter –

Nick Moran – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels & Harry Potter –

Juliet Aubrey – Primeval –

Comic Guests and Authors:

James McInerney – Author –

Dark Pond Creations – Comic Book Creators –

Sam Palmer – Comic Colourist –

Lee Bradley – Comic Illustrator –

Activities and Exhibitions:

Life-size Hulk and Iron Man – great photo opportunity

Giant Inflatable Stay-Puft – outside ready for photos

The shooting Range – See how good you will be during a zombie apocalypse –

The Wackey faces – face painting for all ages –

Creation Station – great for kids to create something to take home.

Silver Sabres – They will be putting on 2 shows a day (times to be confirmed) and free lightsabre fighting classes –

Martin’s Games Gaming Area – wide range of gaming (retro through to modern day) and 2 competitions a day –

Wild Pigeon Stop Motion – Very talented local stop motion animation –


Tasha – Cosplay artists and judge –

Paper Roses – Cosplay artists and judge –

Cosplay competition – Each day there will be a cosplay competition

Reaper Squad: –

Reaper Squad will be attending all week, with a screen for photo opportunities with them, star wars props to look at and maybe a chance to see them working on an outfit.

Silent Auction:

All weekend there will be a silent auction taking place for some amazing items – signed Funko Pops, Cinema Poster, Batman Bear etc

Dorothy House table: –

Dorothy House Hospice care will be getting at least 50% of the profits from this event, there will be a table set up for you go and find out more, plus a tombola / raffle to take part in. They really are a great team and do an amazing job.

Competition Prizes:

All the competitions being run will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The prizes will be “Con Credit”, this will be in the form of a voucher you can spend anywhere in the con. Meaning you can get something you want! There will be no change given, so use every penny – you have earned it!

New Print out – Brexit Mermaid

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Prints are now available for my latest piece, ‘At the Going Down of the Day’, affectionately known as my ‘Brexit Mermaid’. I started this around the time we voted for Brexit, which is why there’s a sinking ship with the Union Jack on it in the background…



Swansea Comics & Gaming Convention May 28th

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The Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention is hosted by Dark Blade CreationsSwansea Comics Collective and The Gamers’ Emporium.


I will have a table selling my artwork. Pop by and say hi if you’re in the area.

deedee and stu

Sittingbourne Sci-Fi Event

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Swale Arts Forum is organising a Sci-fi extravaganza at Sittingbourne on May 14th. Click here for more details.


I will have a table at the event, selling my artwork. Pop by and say hi if you’re in the area!

deedee and stu

The Grumpy Goblin Gaming Shop & Cafe Grand Opening!

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deedee and stu

The Grumpy Goblin game store and cafe opens this Saturday 6th February in Ramsgate, Kent.

From the Thanet Gazette: “The opening day on February 6 will be a celebration of all things geek with authors, cosplayers and artists on hand to share what they do, offer signings and selfies or to talk about what it’s like to be part of the industry.”

Read more:

I’ll be attending on the day to support the launch and taking along some of my artwork.  If you’re in the area, drop in!


Fan Conventions and Fan-Art: Learning Experiences

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This weekend I did my second ever Convention, DevCon at Plymouth Guild Hall. I did an animé themed convention earlier in the year and didn’t have very high expectations that people would either like or buy my work, given that it’s not particularly manga-ish – and I was pleasantly surprised. I had higher hopes for DevCon, as I was expecting it to be more generally fantasy-focused, and therefore have a higher likelihood of attracting people who were into fantasy art. I’m treating each of these as a learning experience, and here’s what I’ve found so far:

1. People don’t look up.
I had a wall of art behind me, but most of the guests were walking along looking down at the tables, and when we occasionally pointed out the prints on the wall behind us, they just hadn’t seen them.
Action: Make a sign to put on the table saying ‘look at the wall’.


2. My work is striking.
I got a ton of compliments and would regularly hear people say ‘wow!’ or ‘this is fantastic!’ before walking off again. Several people stopped and chatted about the quality of it, and I’m feeling pretty good about how it looks at the moment.

3. People may not have realised the work was mine.
I ended up chatting with one of the guests who asked me if it annoyed me that people probably didn’t appreciate the time that had gone into the production of the pictures, and whether they actually realised the work was mine and not just images I was selling for some ‘company’, or that I’d downloaded off the internet. Again, it was flattering, but it just never occurred to me that people wouldn’t realise the work was mine. Having looked again at my display, and compared it to others’, I’ve used a trading name (3D Fantasy Art) rather than my own name on my banner so it may not have been immediately apparent that it was my work. We ended up sticking signs up all over the place saying ‘artist’s originals’.
Action: Possibly change my banner to say ‘The Art of Deedee Davies’ or something similar.

4. People generally don’t know about 3D Art
Something that became apparent throughout the day at DevCon was that people don’t generally know about or recognise 3D art. Because it’s been such a huge part of my daily life for so long, and because all my online interactions, social media feeds etc are saturated with it, I tend to forget that it’s not a massive part of mainstream culture – despite being used in a huge proportion of films, music videos, adverts, games etc.  I had a few people ask me how the pictures were made. Even after I’d explained, I’m not sure they got it, and a few of them asked repeatedly what media / paper was used to produce the work.
Action: have a computer on the table at the next convention, showing the process in a speeded-up, morphing sequence from start to finish.

5. It’s a fan convention. People want fan-art.
I could go on for hours about this at the moment but I’ll keep it short and sweet. 90% of the artists at the convention were solely selling fan-art. I ended up chatting with a few of the other artists there, only one of which was also doing solely original work, and I get the impression that not very much sells except for fan-art, generally. I felt a bit better after that as I did sell a good number of prints and postcards, plus one of my medium-sized framed prints, so it’s not all bad. I shall therefore go away and wrestle with my moral / legal dilemma for a few weeks.

A question to all artists and readers: What’s your opinion on selling fan-art? Do you think it’s OK because everyone else does it? Or would you never chance it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

CICE Comic Expo 27th June 2015

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3D Fantasy Art will have a table in Creators’ Alley at this year’s Cardiff Independent Comic Expo on June 27th.  Drop in and say hello! Full details below.

CICE 2015

Cardiff’s only independent comic show returns on Saturday 27th June, 2015 at Cardiff Masonic Hall.

The Cardiff Independent Comic Expo (CICE) will showcase the very best in independent comic artists, writers, publishers, retailers, illustrators and more, from South Wales and beyond.

The event returns after a brief break in 2014, to build on the successful shows held since 2011, to celebrate the talent of those creators at the heart of the indie scene.

Guests include 2000AD artists Mike Collins and Patrick Goddard, 2000AD writers Ian Edginton and Rob Williams, horror writers Wayne Simmons and David Moody. They are joined by superbly talented indie creators including: Ana Catris, Lou Scannon, Bearded Skull, Stiffs, Razarhawk, David Broughton, Godmachine, Sarah Millman, Stu.Art, and many more…

Mike Allwood, creator of CICE and comic show producer for 25+ years, is delighted to bring back CICE:-

The independent creators are the very soul of our shows. Every year they raise the bar on the books they produce and to this day continue to push the medium to new levels.  I’m delighted to have the opportunity once again to showcase the rich pool of talent we have in the UK with our small press creators.”

The show is suitable for all ages, families are welcome, as are family friendly cosplayers

Tickets are available online from our official website priced at £5 (children under 12 go free with a ticket holding adult).

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