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New Print out – Brexit Mermaid

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Prints are now available for my latest piece, ‘At the Going Down of the Day’, affectionately known as my ‘Brexit Mermaid’. I started this around the time we voted for Brexit, which is why there’s a sinking ship with the Union Jack on it in the background…



First Artwork of 2015 – ‘Dark Queen’

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Here’s my first piece of artwork for 2015. It was featured as a Renderosity staff pick this month. ūüôā


Fingers crossed I get time for more this year…


New Book Cover: Girl in the Shadows

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Girl in the shadows

Second book cover in a trilogy for author Brent Nichols, made using Poser Pro 2014, Vue 10 Studio and Photoshop CS3.

If you need a fantasy / horror book cover, you can contact me at seedydeedee[at]

Commissions Open!

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I have 2 commission slots available, for 3D fantasy / gothic / horror artwork.  More details can be found on my deviantart page here.  Prices start at $15.  You can commission a wide variety of  different imagery:

button Visualising characters e.g. Role Play character pictures, novel character portraits

button character art for online games

button Book covers for print and e-book covers for online sales

button avatars, signature banners and business cards

Some sample images are below.  Click on any image to cycle through the slideshow.

Buy and Go Book Covers!

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Just finished your novel? ¬†Looking for a book cover? ¬†I’ve just released a small selection of ‘buy & go’ book covers on my new Store page. ¬†More products will be added in the coming weeks.

Files are provided in Photoshop format (*.psd), and can be opened using either Photoshop or Gimp, which is a free image editing tool.  Once downloaded, you can edit the text layers, and resave as a jpg / png etc for upload. All designs use only fonts that are commonly available as standard on PCs and Macs.

The majority of the files are provided at a standard size of 6 X 9″ at 300 dpi. If you require a different size for any of the covers on this site, please get in touch.

I also offer a custom cover design service. ūüėÄ

shop promo image

Game of Thrones Fanart

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Well, here we have it, my first bit of Game of Thrones fanart. I fought with Vue and my rather unstable Win 8 installation to render this, and since I’m a little tipsy now, I’m going to stop playing with it!

Danaerys and Drogo

Poser vs Vue Renders

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Poser vs vue

First things first: I’m a die-hard Poser user, and have been since about 2005. ¬†Poser is where my workflow starts; where I set up my characters, poses, materials and sets. ¬†Ever since I stumbled across Carrara 4’s rendering engine in 2006, however, and I saw what render engines other than Firefly were capable of, I have tended to use just about anything else for rendering.

When I got hold of Poser Pro a few years ago, though, I saw some real improvements in the Firefly render engine, and have spent quite some time getting to know it better. ¬†Here’s a render I was playing with this week in Poser. ¬†I lit it with a fairly standard 3 point light setup, with an additional point light on the face, and rendered at around 1500px / 300dpi.

3 hrs later, voila!

Poser render 1

Poser render, using M4 with ‘Morchir’ morph and texture by MutedBanshee

I love the improvements that have been made to SSS and DoF in Poser in the last few iterations, and¬†I was really pleased with it for a while. ¬†Since it was going well, I thought I’d up the res to 2500px width, and increase the pixel samples for a more refined finish.

Poser crashed every time I tried to render it. ūüė¶

I then decided to plonk it into Vue and see what it came out with.  It took a comparable amount of time, and was rendered at a similar resolution to my first Poser render, and this was the result.

Vue render

Vue render using M4 with ‘Morchir’ morph and texture by Mutedbanshee

It makes my Poser render look like a photo of a plastic doll.

So I updated him a little, gave him some more clothes (shame!), sorted out the DoF and rendered him out in Vue at around 2700px width. ¬†It came in at just over 3.5 hours and I’m quite happy with it now. ūüôā

elf with clothes

I’ve used some special Vue eye MATs that replace the standard Poser ones, and they’ve ended up reflecting the blue and red spots I used to light him! ¬†I quite like how they came out though.

So, a question to Poser users – do you render in Poser, or something else?

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